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Genevieve attended the UK’s prestigious Bournemouth Film School but left the school to set up the UK film company, Living Spirit Pictures with fellow classmate and Crazee Pictures partner Chris Jones. Supported by The Prince’s Trust (an organization headed by Prince Charles for young entrepreneurs), Living Spirit Pictures produced their first feature film, THE RUNNER, an action thriller starring Harrison Ford’s younger brother Terence, which received the support of many top Hollywood stuntmen, notably Terry Forrestal who became their Stunt Co-ordinator.

This was Genevieve’s first film and one that placed her in The Guinness Book of Records as Britain’s youngest producer at age 19. Genevieve went on to produce WHITE ANGEL (aka INTERVIEW WITH A SERIAL KILLER). The film premiered as the Centerpiece Film of The London Film Festival and opened widely in UK theaters. A TV interview with Genevieve and Chris on ‘This Morning With Richard and Judy’ promoting the release of the film, resulted in an unbelievable but true story that caused the photo you see beside this bio. This fascinating story spawned the best selling film guide, THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK and it’s subsequent series of filmmaking guides.

Genevieve went on to write and direct URBAN GHOST STORY, which was nominated for 2 British Independent Film Awards including collecting festival awards around the world. With invitations from the Studios, Genevieve moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream and found herself deep in a quagmire of movie development hell and a controversial outrageous agent who punched it out over a $15,000 Diamond tiara. However it was in this craziness that she met her writing soul mate and Crazee Pictures partner Andrew Zinnes. Together they wrote a horror film that was optioned by Warner Bros., with Genevieve signed on to direct. Amber Tamblyn (The Ring, The Grudge 2) was attached as the lead and everybody was ready to go into production. But, the film soon caught the studio bug of ‘Turnaround’ and spent its sentence bouncing around the studios with many close calls of going into production.

Genevieve and Andrew continued to work on several Hollywood projects but soon realized that if they wanted to give wings to their movies, they must return to their indie roots. And so Crazee Pictures was born.

Genevieve is repped by ICM in Los Angeles.


Andrew received his Masters in Film at American University in Washington DC. His first film job was immersed in the political arena, working in the media department at The White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency. A crazy but true story is that Andrew has stood in for The President and sat in the President's chair in the Oval office many, many, many times...he had to for lighting checks! With a taste for movies and the fight to go for it, Andrew moved to Los Angeles where he worked in development for top Hollywood producers, Norman Lear (who produced films such as STAND BY ME and PRINCESS BRIDE) and producer Donald De Line at Paramount Pictures on films such as DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and THE ITALIAN JOB. Seeking a faster pace he moved to the Original Movies Division at USA Networks where he worked on many popular and critically acclaimed series including HELEN OF TROY, THE DEAD ZONE and MONK.

Having read over 6,000 screenplays, Andrew left to become a script analyst where he worked for Morgan Creek Productions, Artisan and script analyst companies - Scriptshark, So You Wanna Sell a Script, The Script Department and his own company, Script Tonic. With his abundant knowledge of behind the scenes of the Hollywood system, Andrew became the US Editor of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook US Edition (Aka The Guerilla Film Makers Hollywood Handbook). With his documentary filmmaking experience (a producer of several Docs including the soon to be released Paper Promises) and with his particular skills that were required to help shoot CAKE’s short skirt/long jacket video (nominated for MTV’s Break Thru Video) along with being a show runner for TruTv's highly successful reality show, Operation Repo, Andrew was the perfect co-author for The Guerilla Film Makers Documentary Handbook. Andrew enjoys sharing the knowledge teaching at the NY Film Academy as well as giving many lectures at schools and colleges including his own masterclasses. His number one rule which he pounds into his students, is that STORY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Andrew writes with Genevieve on their many Hollywood projects and is a founding partner of the film company, Crazee Pictures.

Andrew is repped by ICM in Los Angeles.


Chris was born in the Northwest of England, in Wigan, an old coal mining town, now more famous for its Rugby and Wigan Pier. Filmmaking was not an obvious career choice, but Chris’ passion for cinema and drive to make his dreams come true resulted with him making a string of highly successful super 8mm zombie horror movies as a teenager. It was at the packed out screenings that Chris realized he was also a good salesman and publicist! The success of these films quickly landed him in film school.

It was here that he met fellow Crazee partner, Genevieve, whom he subsequently made three genre micro budget features through their UK film production company, Living Spirit Pictures. First was THE RUNNER. This baptism by fire soon led to a second feature film, WHITE ANGEL, a serial killer thriller (US title INTERVIEW WITH A SERIAL KILLER) starring British classic actor Peter Firth. WHITE ANGEL ran as the centrepiece film at the London Film Festival and picked up a bunch of international awards at festivals. The third micro budget feature was URBAN GHOST STORY, a gritty social realist paranormal tale set in Glasgow, Scotland which he wrote and produced.

Chris' amazing marketing skills were so phenomenal that they crazily even fooled the UK's CID squad (central intelligence division) who initially believed the hype themselves. A story so incredible that Chris decided to create THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK. A book that was the only one of its kind at the time in the UK. Consequently when it hit the book shelves, it was an immediate success with Indie filmmakers. The book has since spawned two updates, an American edition, The Documentary Film Makers Handbook and The Movie Blueprint, which Chris solo authored and a new book to be released this year, The Guerilla Film Makers Pocket Book. The books have helped and inspired over 100,000 new filmmakers to date.

In 2009, Chris’ short film ‘GONE FISHING’ was shortlisted for the Oscars and won the prestigious Producers Guild Of America’s Best Short Film. The film continued to collect over 40 international awards, the entire process being catalogued and updated regularly on his blog at www.chrisjonesblog.com. You can watch the trailer of his film here

Chris is passionate about movies, and about stories that connect with audiences. Through his film career, his writing career and his time teaching new filmmakers, this passion and determination shines through and infects everyone who comes into contact with it. Chris is the UK head of Crazee Pictures and is based at the historic Ealing Film Studios in London.

Chris is repped by Integrated Films and Management in Los Angeles.


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